Recovery Group

Since 2009 God has been growing our recovery ministry.  We have a weekly
recovery group meeting on Wed. at 7:00.  Our church has heard the testimonies
of many who's lives have been transformed from a life of drug \ alcohol addiction
to a healthy, fulfilling, addiction free, God serving life.  
If you are wondering, "Will I be accepted?"  The answer is "yes".  We have
people who have been in prison, been addicted to Heroin, Alcohol, Meth, 
Marijuana, Pain pills...  We have been with people through a time of getting 
clean and then relapsing.  We have been with people on their journey in and 
out of jail and prison.  
The only thing we expect is transparency and honesty.  As long as you are
keeping secrets, you can't be transformed.  Our group has been through it all
so they see through games and lies pretty quickly.  If your records are online, 
understand that we will do our homework so that we know if you are trying
to play us.  We want God's best for you which means, transparency and humility
are essential.  Come check us out this Wed. at 7:00 in the Dining room.